With the growing acceptance of smoking alternatives, more and more adult smokers are turning to ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) for its portability and ease of use. In response to this movement, AIRBAR was created, and it rapidly gained popularity in the United States for its excellent design and taste. With no surprise, this reputation reached across the globe, from Europe, East & South Asia, to Russia, and many other countries and regions, creating a massive increase in demand.

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London born brother-sister team, Sam and Lucie, created a ripple following a joint pact to quit nicotine. Following years of research and development, ripple was born. Ripple’s hand-held devices deliver natural and organic plant-powered puffs, in four non-addictive, zero-nicotine formulas. Each custom botanical blend is a combination of functional plant extracts infused aromas for the purest flavour. These are formulated in state-of-the-art labs in the UK and are vegan-friendly, organic, and, most importantly, completely free of nicotine. Tackling oral fixation, as well as utilizing aspects of aromatherapy, each flavour is designed to suit a different time of the day.

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MOK is a revolutionary heat-not-burn (HNB) device. It provides a full-flavored tobacco experience that’s potentially less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

Heat-not-burn devices heat up specially designed tobacco sticks to produce vapor.

MOK is produced by China tobacco the world's largest manufacturer of tobacco products, measured by revenue.

The company understands the needs and wants of millions of cigarettes adult smokers, so the mission is to provide potentially less harmful yet equally-satisfying alternatives to their favorite cigarettes.